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The ACE Help Phone is a high quality, state-of-the-art cellular transmitter that provides the communication link to a mobile telephone network. The ACE system is capable of transmitting voice and data messages. An electronic interface provides all the functions of a telephone. The unit can be remotely programmed to call a required number at the push of a button.


The enclosure is designed for severe weather conditions and heavy duty hardware makes the enclosure vandal resistant. A handset or pushbutton and operating instructions are located in or on the face of the enclosure. The system may be operated hands free or by means of a handset if preferred. A pre-programmed number, frequently an Automobile Association on 131111 for roadside applications, is called once the handset is lifted from the hook or the emergency push button is pressed.

Power Supply

Power is supplied by long life maintenance free batteries, which are recharged by a solar panel or an AC mains source. The power supply via solar panel provides a complete stand-alone unit. The system is designed for 15 minutes active and 60 minutes standby mode per 24 hours for a period of up to one week without solar panel re-charging.  It uses less than 60 milliamps current when idle . The ACE Help Phone will place a diagnostic call to the remote service centre before battery power is too low for further reliable operation.

Main features:

     *     Vandal resistant

     *     Low current consumption.

    *     Self monitoring built in.

    *     Noise cancelling technology designed by Ace Communications.

    *     Traffic noise management system...NEW

     *     Remote system management.

    *     Modular construction for ease of servicing.






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