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                             Features of the Dualmate:-

1.     Gives you the ability to start from your Auxiliary battery when your Main battery is flat.

2.     Is spike protected and compatible with new vehicle engine systems.

3.     Radio emission tested, recommended for operation with HF and UHF radio systems.

4.     Accurate voltage display (+/- 5%) on both Main and Auxiliary batteries.

5.     Fully automatic battery management with manual override.

6.     Low voltage warnings on Main and Auxiliary batteries.

7.     High voltage warnings on Main and Auxiliary batteries.

8.     Microprocessor controlled for reliability.

9.     Visual and audible warnings.

10.   Automatic dimming of all displays.

11.   Gives you the ability to isolate the Auxiliary battery if not being used or is required to be kept in reserve.

12.   Informs you if your alternator is not keeping up with the load of your accessories.

13.   Informs you of the condition of your batteries.

14.   Is simple to fit to almost any vehicle.

15.   The Dualmate uses self-resetting fuses on all input wires for added safety.

16.   If your accessories are using too much current and the alternator cannot supply enough charge for your main battery, the Dualmate will automatically isolate the Auxiliary battery and give priority charging to the Main battery. This is constantly monitored by the Dualmate and will connect the Auxiliary battery when there is enough charge for both.

Be sure, be safe and fit a Dualmate.


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