The Dualmate is an Intelligent Dual Battery Management System.



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What is the Dualmate?.

The Dualmate is an Intelligent Dual Battery Management System designed for 4WD, caravans, boats and any situation where dual batteries are fitted.

Can I use it on my new vehicle?

The Dualmate has also been tested for EMI (electrical magnetic interference) and is highly recommended for vehicles with HF radios and sensitive electronic equipment. Contrary to popular belief, solenoids CAN BE USED in modern vehicles with computer controlled engine management systems, provided they are fitted with spike suppression. Spike suppression is supplied in the Dualmate fitting kit and is easy to install. The Dualmate is designed to connect to an existing solenoid system.

Do I need one?

Would you drive a vehicle with no fuel gauge? or no temperature gauge?. If you have dual batteries and have accessories connected, you need to know what's going on. Many vehicles alternators struggle with supplying enough charge for extra accessories as they are designed to cope with the vehicles system only. You won't know unless you fit a Dualmate.

Dualmate information sheet:       Dualmate information pdf    52K  


Interface Unit


The Dualmate was designed, and is manufactured  in Australia.

The Dualmate is controlled by a micro-processor and is fully automatic whilst allowing manual control of various functions. It consists of a main control unit and an interface unit which are fitted in the cab of the vehicle.

The Dualmate automatically adjusts itself to different light levels by varying the brightness of the displays independently of the vehicle lighting system.

List of the Dualmate features,  Click here.

The main control unit is usually fitted in a position that gives a good  viewing angle. It can be dash mounted or fitted to the centre console. Should you need a longer connector, then extension cables are available from ACE Communications WA.



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