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Diagnostics Software:  The ACE Help Phone Manager.

A software package that gives you complete control over the ACE Help phones out in the field.

Please note that the Ace Diagnostic software is supplied FREE to all Ace clients.

The software can be installed on virtually any PC from a Pentium1 upwards with a Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP operating system. There are numerous pages of information that let you monitor and control the current status of each and every ACE Help Phone.

The Help phone software includes a comprehensive database. Managing your phones could not be simpler. All your Help phones can be interrogated individually or all at once.

You can pre-determine a time for  polling. For example, you can set polling to be done after midnight. The polling will then take place and a complete list of the Help phones operational capabilities will be available for you.


The Auto poll page shows what can be achieved by setting the polling. You can change the settings of the Help Phones whilst they are being polled.

Most aspects of the Help phone can be changed by polling individual Help Phones.

Should you wish to test an individual Help phone, simply select its number stored in the database, and click the auto poll button.




All of the Help Phones have the ability to report in if a fault is found. This feature alone, negates the need to have someone physically checking each and every Help Phone, thereby saving considerably on the upkeep of the Help Phones.

One of the main features of the Diagnostic software, is its ability to poll all of the emergency phones a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provide you with a report on the status of each phone. A manual poll can be activated at any time to check on individual emergency phones.

If a phone detects a problem, it can automatically call in to the Help Phone Manager and report its status.


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