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Australian Communications and Engineering was established in 1995 for the purpose of

fulfilling a perceived demand for communications services, particularly with the

forthcoming likely privatization of Telstra.

This soon became abbreviated to ACE.

The company quickly specialized in two major areas of expertise, Emergency and Help Telephone applications, and in ground cable installation.

These two functions grew and were separated into two successful divisions, the latter being disposed of and the former becoming ACE Communications WA.

Whilst being based in WA, the company operates in all states of  Australia. We design and develop electronic and communications applications, particularly for emergency locations wherever a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) network is available regardless of carrier.

Complex automatic reporting and management software was developed by ACE to minimize unidentified failures and enable off site maintenance functions. Many variables are taken into account in the design and application process.

ACE Communications WA also maintains a constant development policy to ensure reliability of our emergency phones. Indeed, many specifications have been improved following advice and suggestions from our clients.


ACE Communications WA is solely owned and managed by Tony Millward.


ACE Communications WA.    Making the roads safer.



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